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Commercial, Municipal and Financial Locksmith Services in El Paso, TX

A Huge Vault — high security locks in El Paso, TX
Locksmith Office and Delivery Van — high security locks in El Paso, TX
High Tech Security Vault — high security locks in El Paso, TX
Eastwood Locksmith Services Inc. is the Texas-licensed locksmith for commercial and municipal locking solutions. With 40 years' experience serving the El Paso, TX and surrounding areas, we are the locksmith company you can for state-of-the-art locking solutions.
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We are GSA certified for safe work. This means we have been vetted and trusted to do work for the United States Government and their local and state municipalities. With access to higher-level and manufacturer-specific security training, we are authorized distributors of the top brands in government-compliant door controls, bank-level security door locks, door closers, and other various locks.

Commercial Lock-Out Services

No matter your business, it's important to keep access to your valuables like your inventory or patient records limited. We are gladly on-call to install, unlock and rekey your interior and exterior doors in your retail space, municipal building or healthcare facility. Don't compromise your business' security.

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