Commercial, Municipal and Financial Locksmith Services in El Paso, TX

Keys — high security locks in El Paso, TX
With more than 40 years of experience, Eastwood Locksmith Services Inc. has the knowledge and resources you need in a security company. We provide total business security, offering business owners, administrative staff and government facility managers with a peace of mind. We are authorized distributors for the best products in commercial security and safes like Amsec® American Security, Medeco®.

Bank Safes and Teller Security

Securing financial institutions goes far beyond locks and keys. Every facet of every transaction must be secure. You can count on Eastwood Locksmith Services, Inc. to open and change the combinations on all types of vaults and safes. We also rekey the core locks in under counter equipment, install banking drive-thru equipment including ATM-Trax, vision windows, vehicle detection equipment and drawer kits.

Healthcare Security Solutions

Healthcare organizations are tasked with offering patients a secure environment to get the help they need with the foundation their privacy is protected. The larger the facility, the greater the responsibility administrators have to control employee access to HIPAA-level client information. Eastwood Locksmith Services, Inc. specializes in the installation and maintenance of access control systems, high-security locks on desks and door systems that protect not only your employee access areas, but your entrance points. We weigh the balance of keeping areas accessible for visitors and managing access to authorized only areas. Call us today to get an assessment of your current security systems.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Most businesses, the largest threat in occupational fraud comes from employees. Access to offices that house computers or warehouses that house inventory should not be accessible to all employees. And with personnel changes, the possibility of ex-employees having access to your building or other secure area should frighten you. Contact Eastwood Locksmith Services, Inc. to control access to rooms, file cabinets and desks that house proprietary information after an employee leaves the company. We install high-security access control systems, rekey and repair locks.

Government and Municipal Locksmith Services

Eastwood Locksmith Services, Inc. provides municipal locksmith services across El Paso County since 1975. As GSA-certified locksmith and Texas-licensed Locksmith, we are trusted to work for government facilities including Fort Bliss, to install the latest access control and re-key locks on exterior doors, offices, desks and safes.
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